3CX WebMeeting Service Status

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Server 01Germany (Frankfurt) #2Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 2ms
Server 02Germany (Frankfurt) #3Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 2ms
Server 03United Kingdom (London) #1Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 14ms
Server 04South Africa (Isando)Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 174ms
Server 05India (Mumbai) #1Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 734ms
Server 06India (Mumbai) #2Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 233ms
Server 07Australia (Sydney) #1Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 305ms
Server 08Australia (Sydney) #2Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 305ms
Server 09Australia (Sydney) #3Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 280ms
Server 10Singapore #1Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 299ms
Server 11Singapore #2Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 299ms
Server 12United Kingdom (London) #2Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 14ms
Server 13Central Europe (Roubaix)Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 14ms
Server 14Canada (Montreal)Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 98ms
Server 15VirginiaAvailability: HighRoundTripTime: 88ms
Server 16Brazil (São Paulo)Availability: HighRoundTripTime: 218ms
Server 17OhioAvailability: HighRoundTripTime: 99ms
Server 18OregonAvailability: HighRoundTripTime: 162ms

Location: Germany (Frankfurt) #2
Availability: High

Location: Germany (Frankfurt) #3
Availability: High

Location: United Kingdom (London) #1
Availability: High

Location: South Africa (Isando)
Availability: High

Location: India (Mumbai) #1
Availability: High

Location: India (Mumbai) #2
Availability: High

Location: Australia (Sydney) #1
Availability: High

Location: Australia (Sydney) #2
Availability: High

Location: Australia (Sydney) #3
Availability: High

Location: Singapore #1
Availability: High

Location: Singapore #2
Availability: High

Location: United Kingdom (London) #2
Availability: High

Location: Central Europe (Roubaix)
Availability: High

Location: Canada (Montreal)
Availability: High

Location: Virginia
Availability: High

Location: Brazil (São Paulo)
Availability: High

Location: Ohio
Availability: High

Location: Oregon
Availability: High

2019/09/21 WebMeeting Platform Update

Thursday September 19, 2019

21 September, 2019| WebMeeting platform updates will be applied this Saturday. A rolling restart of all MCU / meeting nodes will take place as well as a short 1 minute window where entering new meetings will be unavailable.

2019/09/11 Roubaix ISP Minor Downtime

Wednesday September 11, 2019

11 September, 2019, 11:31 - 11:35 CEST GMT+2 | For a short amount of time, our provider for eu008-rbx.3cx.net (Roubaix France) experienced global routing issues that caused users to be unable to connect to meetings for a short period of 5 minutes. The issue was rectified by the provider shortly after.

2019/09/11 MCU Africa UP

Wednesday September 11, 2019

11 September, 2019, 09:51 CEST GMT+2 | The South Africa MCU is back up.

2019/09/10 MCU Africa Downtime

Tuesday September 10, 2019

10 September, 2019, 17:00 CEST GMT+2 | Investigating an issue with the South Africa MCU. The MCU will likely be offline for longer than 1 day.

2019/09/07 MCU Updates

Friday September 06, 2019

07 September, 2019 | Rolling MCU restarts will occur on Saturday as to apply fixes and improvements mostly related to video quality and false positive 'low bandwidth' pop ups.

2019/09/05 MCU Africa Updates

Thursday September 05, 2019

05 September, 2019, 12:03 - 12:13 CEST | Rolling restart/s for the Africa 'af003-cnt.3cx.net' to install updates. The MCU will be unavailable for 10 minutes. Users will be redirected to the next closest available MCU during this time.

2019/09/04 Platform Updates Complete

Thursday September 05, 2019

04 September, 2019 | Deployed platform updates fixing a minor security issue and other issues related to the remote control application. Also added meeting entry and exit sounds for WebMeeting mode.

2019/08/26 Platform Updates Complete

Monday August 26, 2019

26 August, 2019 | Platform updates containing fixes to minor issues related to the remote control functionality have been deployed. Users will be prompted to update their remote control app upon use. Meeting entry and exit notification sounds have also been added. Other platform generic fixes are also included in the new version of WebMeeting.

2019/08/19 MCU London Unresponsive

Monday August 19, 2019

19 August, 2019, 15:29 - 15:41 CEST GMT+2 | Two of our meeting servers, specifically host aa002-lon.3cx.net and eu004-lon.3cx.net experienced a fault of unknown cause. The issue was quickly fixed by the NOC team. The issue has been identified and will be fixed in the next WebMeeting update.

2019/08/10 Platform Update

Wednesday August 07, 2019

10 August, 2019 | Periodic platform updates are being applied to rectify minor issues related to the remote control feature experienced by some users, fixed issues that could erroneously show low quality when in fact quality is acceptable as well as an issue where video quality was allowed to drop excessively instead of by only a small amount where meeting conditions demanded this to be the case. Also re-added functionality where deleting your meeting will also delete any recordings related to that meeting. Users will experience a meeting disconnection as our infrastructure services are updated and restarted.

Last updated on 2019-09-20 at 15:25 UTC

*RoundTripTime is from webmeeting.3cx.net - MCU